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Ch 3-1 The Immune System

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 Ch 3.1 The Immune System


Four Ways to Transmit Infectious Diseases


1. Dirsct Contact - ex. Shaking hands or sharing drinks with a person


2. Indirect Contact - ex. Being near an infected person who sneezes without covering their mouth.


3. Water and Food - ex. eating foods that are infected with salmonella bacteria.


4. Animal Bites - Being bitten by an animal carrying rabies.





  • Pathogen - An organism or substance that can cause a disease.
  • Antibodies - Particles created by the immune system to destroy disease-causing invaders.
  • Antigen - A substance that the body doesn't recognize; usually non-living particles.
  • Immune System - Defends the body against infections and disease-causing substances.
  • White blood cells - Blood cells that fight infection and help prevent the growth of Cancer

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