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Ch 4-2 Properties of Visible Light

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Ch 4.2 Properties of Visible Light


  • light -wave that travels through empty space
  • one explanation how the light behave is-wave model of light
  • visible light is light that can be seen, have colours of the rainbow
  • different colours are caused by light waves of different wavelengths
  • bending of a wave at the border between mediums-refraction
  • light waves of different wavelengths refract in different angles
  • colours of visible light: red (longest wavelength, less frequency),orange,yellow,green,blue,indigo, and violet (shortest wavelength,more frequency)
  • seven colour categories of visible light together-visible spectrum
  • reflection-when a light wave touches an object and bounces off ex. when we look at a red cloth, we notice that the cloth is absorbing all the colours in the white light except for the red light.
  • different meterials absorb and reflect different wavelengths of light
  • red, green, and blue- additive primary colours of light


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