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Lassa Fever

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Lassa virus



  • Dissease or disorder: increasingly high fever, eye inflmmation, vomiting, sore throat, facial swelling, diarhea, cough, restrosternal pain, weak body, back pain, abdominal pain


*eye inflammation -> conjunctivitis: mucous membranes covering the white of the eyes/inner side.

*restrosternal pain -> behind the breastbone: discomfort and pain in the back bone.


  • The virus is transmitted by rodents known as "multimammate rat." People can be infected by eating this rat, eating contaminated food, person to person contact, contamination of skins break with infected blood, aerosal spreads (virus particles moving through the air).
  • The virus can be prevented by avoiding contact with rodent/multimammate rats or also known as Mastomys rodents. Always put food away in rodent-proof containers or refrigators. When treating a patient avoid person to person contact by using barier nursing methods, such as using gloves, eye protector, etc.
  • The virus was found inside animals such as rats, part of the virus family Arenaviridae, a single stranded RNA virus. It attacks body cells that maintains a person health and body temperature.
  • The symptons of the infection usually occurs 1-4 weeks after the person came in contact with the virus. The symptons are: fever, retrosternal pain, sore throat, back pain, cough, abdominal pain, vomiting, diarhea, conjunctivitis, facial swelling, protein in the urine, mucosal bleeding, hearing loss, and tremors.
  • The body defend itself from the virus by extracting urines and body fluids out.
  • The treatment for the virus is Ribaviria. It is an antiviral drug. Patient should also receive a daily supportive care in balancing their body fluids, oxygenation and blood pressure.
  • Some interesting facts about Lassa virus are:
  1. The virus was discovered in 1969 when 2 missionary nurses died in Nigeria.
  2. The virus was named after the town where the first case had occured.
  3. The epidemics of the virus can reach around 50% of the population becoming infected with the virus.
  4. There are around 5000 deaths per year because of the virus.
  5. The virus epidemics only happens in West Africa.
By: Edwin Hendrawan

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